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Natural medicines & supplements, categorized by name or disease/condition. Many herbal and homeopathic medicines are listed here, including potential for interaction with mainstream drugs.


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Health Insite - Australian Government site with links to medical information, support organisations, and much more. Information is screened by an editorial board to confirm accuracy and relevance to Australian users.

We recommend this site as a good choice for internet searches on any health topic.
The Kids Health Info for Parents section of the RCH website has practical and easily understood advice on the management and treatment of typical childhood illnesses and problems. It is easily searched by alphabetical order. Fact Sheets can be viewed online or printed for future reference.

Travel Health


Common diseases international travellers may be exposed to.


Country specific information from the Department of Foreign Affairs. Select your destination country very a wide range of important advice.

Traveling with medicines

Legal and safety issues with medicines you travel with

Travel health centre

Wide range of travel health topics, including:
  • Travelling while pregnant
  • DVT (deep vein thrombosis, or "economy class     syndrome")
  • Pre trip planning for health and safety